Sunday, May 31, 2009

Christine Rice ROCKS!!!

This weekend Christine got 1st place in the 4A State Track Meet in the High Jump!!
So last summer Christine totally called this one. We were setting up this portrait of Christine on her home field in Vancouver, WA ... knowing that Christine had just got 2nd at State a few months before and I asked her where she wanted to stand... and she said "Well, on the #1 of course!" She might have just got 2nd but she knew she was going to get it next time.

Check out the details from the Newspaper!
The Columbian

One other thing that I remember from her session... Jason had asked her "how high can you jump?".... she said "I could jump over you right now but I might kick you in the face." I'll never forget that. Christine and her quick wit... cracks me up. She beat her personal record and I bet she could jump over Jason and not kick him in the face. LOL Maybe next time! ;)

CONGRATS Christine we are so Proud of you... Way to "Power IT Up!"
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cannon Beach Portraits

I have been spending sometime here on the Oregon Coast and working from my laptop. Not a bad deal is what you are saying right? For the most part the weather has been nice. A few days we have had crazy fog bangs coming in. So sunsets like 2 hours before it should kind of deals. This is my friend Inga and her kiddos. We had so much fun with them cracking each other up.

Thanks Inga for letting us be part of your family for the evening.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vote for Pat Hailey!

This last week I had on the honor of photographing Pat Hailey. She is running for State Representative. So excited for her! GO PAT!!!

Anna & Steve Save the Date!

Exciting News if you haven't heard already..... Anna and Steve are getting married!! Jason and had the pleasure of going to Seattle and doing their engagement session. They have TONS of cute ones of course so there will tons more to come. Just wanted to share their Save the Date magnet! Congrats Anna and Steve... We are all so excited!!
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