Saturday, July 26, 2008

Introducting "Reflector MAN"

I would like to introduce to you "Reflector Man" aka Jason Brost. Jason is liking his job as my assistant and now looks at himself as a super Hero. YES you guessed he wants a cape.

We have started a new thing.... "Reflector Man Choice Awards!" We are choosing some of our favorite portraits.... awarded by "Reflector Man." I designed this trophy from the above portrait. From now on you'll see a little version of it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Missing the SUN!!!

So last week Jason and I headed for Eastern Washington to do sessions and have a break from the CLOUDS. We actually didn't get burnt... surprised us! We did all kinds of sessions. We put a total of 1300 miles on my car, yikes! Good thing I don't have a big truck. Anyhow we had a great time with everyone.... their will be more details to come on each session. Also some "Awards to pass out" (check back to see what that is about!) But here are a few pictures of me and Jason on our "Great Adventure" last week!

Havelina's farm in Connell. What I found out was that it's hard to do the self timer, run in flip flops in the dirt, run through wheat in a mini skirt, try to not look like I ran there in pain and look beautiful! ;) Well we got a good laugh out of it.

Going over White Pass on the way over. One of my favorite views in Washington!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 6th... stormy weather!

Ok So I live on the Oregon Coast and this 4th of July it rained and was cold. I had a sweater on at work while I was inside today. Jason and I were thinking positive and went for a walk on the beach but it was so windy and cold... I could have cried. SO what I'm trying to get at is that I'm SOOOO excited to be going to Eastern Washington next week. I will be there July 15th-23rd doing sessions. So if you are there and wanting to do something let me know. I'm hanging out with the family mostly but have been blessed with sessions... so excited to see the sun!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

My little Buddy, Skyler!

This is my newest friend, Skyler. I had the honor of photographing his parent's Chelsea and Jared for their wedding back in 2006. It was such a fun wedding and I love them as a couple. Skyler was such a great kid.... He let us do whatever we wanted to him... put him in a bucket, etc.... and no fuzzing. He is just the smiley little buddy that you see in the portraits... he was just a great delight. Thank you Jared and Chelsea for letting me be a part of your lives again. Sorry Rex didn't make it to the session but he will be there next time promise!

They chose this one for a wall collection... its going to be so awesome.
My favorite is the top middle and the middle! ;)

Little Megan all grown up!

I had the honor of photographing Megan Hatley. I have been photographing her since she was born. We love her new cookie jar and place we had to do a few portraits with it... Who doesn't like a good cupcake every once and a while? I also used this collection for my first mailing to announce the opening of my studio. It was hit and now Megan is really famous.

Brothers Graduating Together

Back in March I also had the pleasure of photographing my Good friend, Chris Moore and his brother Shawn Moore. I traveled to Spokane and yeah it was snowing.... which was crazy. I met them downtown and we had a great time. Saw a man with a crazy hair piece that we will never forget.... which explains the big smile we got of the two of them. Works for me... I love a good laugh and a "real" smile! I think from what I remember we had to use the bathroom after that good laugh!

We did these portraits for their graduation announcements... Check them out!

This was used for the front of the invite card!

Can't tell that they are brother's can you? ;)

Lexi's Senior Portraits

Back in March I had the honor of photographing Lexi. Lexi is a graduate now from Kahlotus High School. I went out to her family's farm and we did portraits there and also on the streets of Kahlotus. I sure had fun finding little environments to do portraits where other people wouldn't have thought would be a good place for a senior portrait. Lexi and her sister Mandi as my assistant was a blast. Thanks girls for showing me a good time in Kahlotus. And CONGRATS to You Lexi... GO COUGS!

One of my favorite moments in the session.... we were on the side of the road and someone drove by and she was waving at them and then looked back at me... and BAMB there is your shot!

I love the BLUE and this door rocks! And love her silver Dorothy shoes!

This was fun.... cars were coming but we couldn't see them. Made us laugh hard and we got our workout going back and forth to get the shot.

First Session/Matchbox 20 Concert

Introduction: This is my boyfriend Jason. If you keep up on my blogs you will hear a lot about him. He is my partner in crime.... he is the guy behind the scenes of my business. He is very good with computer tech stuff... praise God because I would be struggling. He has been a great support in getting my business rolling. Thanks Jason for all your wonderful help. I love you!

Jason and I went to Seattle for a Matchbox 20 concert! Was so much fun. His first concert (Birthday Present from me!) and we had sweet seats.

That day we went to the Farmer's Market and had fun for the first time calling my portraits of Anna... "MINE" or as Anna would say "one of me-own"

Anna is my hero, doesn't she look smashing?

Getting Started!

Ok so here goes nothing. I have been asked to start blogging to keep in touch better. This way people can stock me instead of calling me to see what I'm up to. It's cool.

My life takes me to pretty cool places and I would love to share with you the lives that I get to be apart of. I have an amazing Job!!!

I started my very own studio in March 2008. Since then I have been able to finally have something that is mine. Call me a little kid that says "Mine" all the time but really that is what I feel like. The photographs and portraits that I create are finally all "MINE". It's a hard thing to explain what it feels like but it's a freeing feeling.

Since I have been out on my own for a bit I have doing sessions here and there. I am still on the Oregon Coast ... and loving it... but when does summer finally start, geesh! So here is what I have been doing since March 2008.
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