Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Stocking Family

So over the Christmas Break I had the honor of photographing the Stocking family. We had planned on doing the portraits outside.... well until it was freezing and snowed a whole bunch. We decided this would be best for everyone. The Stocking family has not been all together since 2000 so what a great way remember this moment in time with family portraits. It is the hardest thing we face with family portraits... getting them all together. Making everyone smile and looking in the same direction while looking good ...CAKE! ;)

This Portrait of Sora and her son Corban trying to feel his little sister Kaylee kick.....was my favorite... he was really only this serious for a second. He loves to crack up... that was fun!

One of my favorite Grandparents with the Grandkids Portraits.

Do they even look old enough to be Grandparents?

Here is have the Poe family. Which Doug I am so sorry for calling you Greg like the whole time. I must be getting old... mixing up brothers names. yikes!

Thank you Stocking family for being to easy to photograph. I'm so glad you finally got the family together. It was a blast getting to know everyone a little better. See you next time with Ben or Jake gets married... the race is on! ;)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jones Family Love Story

I have held out on Blogging about the Jones family because I have so many great things to tell you about this family that I didn't know where to start. Back in October Jason and I had the honor of photographing the Jones Family. They are from the Boise, Idaho area. Their story is a special one... one I will never forget and will tell many more people their story. I decided to go with the long version because it's the best... and Ross and Lily I'm sorry if I don't get the story right. Just thinking about it makes me smile!

Once upon a time there was a guy named Ross. He had a little crush... you could say... on a beautiful new girl in town, her name was Lily. On a camping trip with his buddies to the Oregon Coast... he couldn't get her out of his head. As his heart grew for her he would day dream about her. So while he was soaking up the sun on a little beach we call Short Sands... he climbed up a big rock that was well over his head. He carved R+L into the rock where no one could see because at that time the Rock was HUGE.

Soon after that they started dating. Ross and Lily would go camping with friends at this beach but he would never tell her about it and she never saw it. Six years later on another trip to the beach he finally told her about what he had done 6 years before....showed her the special place and popped the question.

A wedding and two gorgeous little girls later....add a photographer and Reflector Man... you have a family portrait! We hiked ( 3/4 of a mile) all the camera equipment... strollers and belongings across a suspension bridge and a TON of drift wood.... probably took about a hour to get to the Special Rock!

... we made it to the rock ... and no where was there to be found R heart L. Dang must have wore off by weather and sand. We did their portrait here by what we thought was the ROCK. Ross was blown away by the rock was covered by so much sand... he had to climb up the rock and now it was just below his hip. So we did their family portrait there... what a great place huh?! Shortly after finishing up with the family portraits we walked back to our things. Ross looked at this little rock that was just coming out of the sand about a foot. He looked at it and shouted "NO WAY, This is the rock... here is our special Rock!" The sand had covered it and probably this winter it will be completely covered. You can look back now on the portraits of the love birds and see in the background the once big rock covered.

So we photographed
the girls right where it all started....

Thank you Ross and Lily for sharing this special place with us. We will be going there so we can to give you the rock report.
I'm glad that we had the real rock to capture another special memory with your family!

It will always be a special place Rock or no Rock. ;)

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