Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Week at the Studio

My first week in the studio has been a busy one. Besides moving in all my stuff and putting things together we have also been trying to conduct business as normal. Let's just say I made it! Here is a look at the first week in the studio. Above we have the projection sales room. There soon will be samples on the walls... kind of empty without it but it's coming along. Side note: My Dad made and install the projector stand ... gotta love a handy father! ;)
This is my CRAZY work area... you don't have to wear a hard hat when you enter but it's still in the 'MOVE IN' mode. We installed all these shelves this week... gotta love the vertical space for storage... now I just need a library ladder with wheels.

Tuesday the table for the front room arrived! Just looking for more mismatch chairs.
My Dad made and installed this carpet wall for my Frame samples... yeah it's the best! I love it!
This my Mom pretending to work... JK! ;)

The start of installing the light track system for the camera room area. LOL my Dad cracks me up he is sporting his Art Institute of Seattle T-Shirt... The support of my family ROCKS! I couldn't do any of this with out them! Also thanks goes out to my friend Arlene who sold me this set... she came and guided us on how it all went together. 5 million pieces yikes!This a bad picture of the rail system but it gives you an idea of what the heck I'm talking about!On Tuesday evening the PIANO arrived. I love this everyone probably thinks I'm crazy but it's a must see in person item. Thank you to Nick and CREW for getting to the studio without even a scratch! ;)
Along with taking care of business I made a delivery to the Robles family in Walla Walla... Love the cat posing CRACKS me up!
My first order session in the new sales room with Haylee and her family ... went really well I love the set up! Here are few images from her Session! This picture below is what you might call a "Road Kill" portrait. One of their favorites fun!

Friday the Blue painters tape that said Olivieri in the window had to retire. Although a lot of people liked it! ;) I think this is way bettter!
My first Portrait session in the studio. If you know me at all you know there is a story to everything. These are portraits of my friend Dani and her son Tristian.... oh and their dog Romeo. Ok.... to my story, back in Junior High Dani I were the best of friends and I used to photograph her and friends in her upstairs living room with a bed sheet background and WHO knows for what for light. I think I have come a long ways from those days. What a special moment this was for me.

We had so much fun in studio.... Tristian is a Crack up! The laughter was endless.
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Blogger Knight Family said...

I like your studio--it seems to lend some mystery!!

September 5, 2009 at 7:59 PM  
Blogger Mikaela said...

I LOVE the studio! I need to see it in person. Dani and Tristian look great...what AWESOME pictures!

September 8, 2009 at 11:46 AM  

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