Monday, September 21, 2009

Open House and final look at the new studio

Thanks goes out to everyone who came to the Open Houses this past week. If you missed it here is internet tour but please come by and see it in person when you can!
This was before everyone arrived on Sunday! This is the Lobby area.
This is the Lobby area right. As you can see the piano is as happy as can be!This is the little nook area up front.
This is the sales and projection area... the projection screen is the the left... hard to get it all in.
This is the view from camera area looking in the restroom. Everyone makes fun of me for the portraits in the restroom but I think they are pretty special!!!Ok for the record... I got to busy talking to over 100 people that I didn't get a chance to take a picture of everyone but here is s few highlights from Sunday's Open House.
This is my friend Laura and Chris and little baby Moore that is coming to us soon! So excited!!!
This is Heather and Sean that came all the way from Seattle for the day. Heather and Sean is the couple I did their wedding this summer in Seattle. So excited to have them there!

Uthecht's doing quality control on the new sectional! ;) Not bad huh?

Taylor pretending to jam out on the Piano.
These are the famous Treasure Hunters that found this oh so sweet piano!
Jason even made it! So special to have him here, one of the highlights of the week was when Jason saw the studio for the first time... he helped me move stuff in last time he was here but he was so proud taking pictures of everything. His support and love floors me. Another special moment was Saturday night dancing the camera room! We have come along way with the studio and again I couldn't have done it without him.
I'm only guessing because I wasn't in the conversation but if you know these people there were "talking shop".
Haylee also made it! She is posing with her portrait with the soccer ball on fire... most guy's favorite portrait.

Thanks again to everyone who made it. Come visit if you didn't make it!


Blogger The Perkins said...

Looks like all went well. Sorry we missed it, but we had a few too many things scheduled this weekend. I have one pooped and cranky kid (and you already me her, so I thought I would keep her away). Congrats and it looks amazing. I like the cute loving family walking hand in hand on the beach---who are those people???:)

September 21, 2009 at 1:40 PM  

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