Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Surprises

So months leading up till Christmas in my biz is really hard for me cause people do "Surprise" Portraits and I'm the worst at surprises cause I'm just so excited I have hard time keeping them a a secret. It's fun but I end up dodge the person that is about to receive the gifts so that slip up. So here is a catch up on sessions that we're a special gift under the tree.
This session was a surprise for Dorothy and Elmer's Children. Jordan had a hard time keeping the secret of what he did at Grandma's house over the weekend. As far as I know he was able to keep the secret for weeks.
For Susie getting her portrait created is like going to the dentist. She had this portrait created for her husband, mother and children. From what I heard there were some tears on Christmas. Great job Susie.. this portrait is beautiful of you and I hope we have over come the whole fear thing. In the long run I think it was all worth it. They will enjoy this portrait of you for many years to come.
The Gimenez Family started a new family tradition... getting their portraits done annually for their Christmas card. Sounds great to me, they are such a joy to photograph and be around. Michael is the cutest little guy... what a ham he was posing it up. What a blessing he is!


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