Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mandi Class of '10

WOW! If you are one of my blog followers you already know that I love Kahlotus, but now I totally LOVE Kahlotus. Meet Mandi! A couple years ago I had the pleasure of photographing Lexi, her sister. Just when I didn’t think that I could possibly love Kahlotus more than I already had… Mandi’s mother called and told me they bought a old building in town. This building was a general store back in the day, complete with a soda pop counter. Also nails were left in the bins, dated beer still on the shelves, and old Kahlotus signs… for a photographer this was like PROP HEAVEN. When they first walked us through it I was on sensory over load. Not to mention an old apartment upstairs that had cool colors and that was half demoed. Actually we did this session last week and the funky green wall is no longer with us. Mandi you truly had a one of kind portrait session. Thanks for sharing this photographer’s dream with Jill and I.


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